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A woman complaining her boyfriend didn"t order her a pizza at 3 a.m. Has been slammed online, after she took to the mạng internet to vent her fury.

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A Mumsnet post by PinkStarAtNight, who is thought khổng lồ be based in the U.K., has amassed nearly 300 replies since being posted in the early hours of Monday morning, as she lay on her bed "hungry & annoyed."

Perhaps her boyfriend did her a favor by ignoring her pizza request, as the British Heart Foundation warns eating at irregular hours could impact our health.

"Recent research suggests eating most of our calories in the evening—the pattern most common in the UK—may be linked to obesity," they say.


A file photo of a pepperoni pizza. A woman has been dragged online for complaining about her boyfriend not ordering her pizza at 3 a.m. Rez-art/Getty ImagesAs indicated, it"s a common problem, as the site continues: "You"re not alone in eating late. As our lifestyles have become more demanding và irregular, so have our meal patterns.

"Compared with 30 years ago, more meals are skipped, or eaten on the go, và later in the day.

"There is evidence that this is linked to heart & circulatory disease risk factors, such as increased weight & blood pressure."

And eating at irregular times can also lead khổng lồ poor nutritional choices.

"When we eat irregularly or skip meals we also tend to lớn make bad food choices, because we"re so hungry we choose less healthy foods or larger portions," the British Heart Foundation says.

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While it"s not clear what type of pizza the woman was eyeing up, a medium cheese and tomato pizza with a classic crust from Domino"s—a popular pizza restaurant chain in the U.K.—contains more than 1,740 calories.

The eatery revealed there are 580 calories per 3 slices, with the large kích cỡ pizza made up of 10 segments.

That equates to lớn nearly the total recommended daily allowance of 2,000 calories for women, according lớn the U.K"s National Health Service.

The woman, who"s a vegetarian, explained her boyfriend was due to be staying over at her house after a night out with friends, as lack of public transport meant he"d be unable khổng lồ get home.

"I agreed to lớn him staying here. We talked on the phone before he went out và he said he was planning on getting a takeaway pizza on way home. I said I really fancied a pizza & he said he would get me one too.

"I told him what I wanted and asked him to lớn get potato wedges, garlic dip etc… I was really looking forward lớn it.

"I thought it would be really nice when he arrived for us khổng lồ have pizza together & chill out. I didn"t eat much all evening, in expectation of the pizza," she explained.

She fell asleep around 11.30 p.m., only to be woken by him coming trang chủ in the early hours—minus her pizza.

The woman claimed he"d ordered one for himself which was en route, and after calling her, & getting no answer, he figured she was asleep so didn"t buy her one.

She fumed: "I"m actually really p****d off. It was a firm agreement that he was bringing back pizza for both of us, he knew I was excited about it, I had given him my order of what I wanted…

"Even though I was asleep and didn"t answer, AIBU lớn expect him get me a pizza anyway, thinking I probably would wake up, be hungry và want the pizza I was promised, like I have done!? Or am I being pathetic lớn be so p****d off with him?

"He"s now downstairs enjoying his pizza that arrived two mins ago while I lay on my bed hungry & annoyed!"

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In the comments, she confirmed as he"d ordered a pepperoni pizza she was unable to nói qua his, và the restaurant which delivered his food had since shut.

And she sought lớn defend eating that late, or early, saying: "I wouldn"t have necessarily wanted to be woken up at 3am to lớn eat the pizza. I could have had mine today.

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"However, him coming back in DID wake me up, và I was hungry so yes I did want the pizza once I was awake và I was annoyed that he didn"t follow through with the plan thinking "either she"ll wake up when I"m home and want it, or she"ll want it tomorrow.""

In the kết thúc she ate a cpu butty her boyfriend made her, which is a sandwich filled with French fries.

Her anger raised a few eyebrows online, as Cas112 wrote: "I think you"re being unreasonable. I would plan lớn bring pizza back for my partner but if he fell asleep I wouldn"t bother. Why on earth would I wake him up for pizza at 3 a.m., I don"t think it"s a crazy thing for your partner to do on this occasion."

MrsTimRiggins said: "Basically this. I"d think my husband had lost his marbles if he decided to come & wake me with a bloody pizza at 3 a.m."

PortMac commented: "Who wants a pizza at 3 a.m.?! YABU . You sound annoying."

And KatherineJaneway added: "YABU. He called you, you didn"t answer so he assumed you were asleep và wouldn"t want pizza. Not an unreasonable assumption. Why didn"t you just order yourself pizza once you realised he didn"t get you one, rather than laying on your bed hungry & annoyed?"