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As we look toward the future, what might the learning environment of tomorrow become? Supporting the development of world-class learning environments has been—and always will be—at the very vi xử lý core of It"s what we vày best. built its reputation for excellence in education over 70 years, worrongnhophuyen.comng shoulder-to-shoulder with our educational partners to tư vấn a "customer of one" experience & develop a roadmap for future innovation, specific to your quality learning culture.

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At, we understand that insightful thiết kế delivers responsive space innovations that support today"s active, learning-centered K-12 education environments.

- Bryan Ballegeer, vice president of education market,

Review the following nội dung for our latest insights, research and solutions for K-12 education design.

ADAPTABLE, SCALABLE, FLEXIBLE đứng top 10 K-12 Products

To tư vấn dynamic spaces for your students, you need responsive furniture solutions. Here are our top ten K-12 furniture solutions to tư vấn your elementary, middle và high schools.

Blog Make Sure Your Classroom Works Hard So Students Can Play Hard

We believe playtime is for students of all ages. With that in mind, here are a few ways educators can harness the power of play in the classroom.

Insights Learning Space Workshop: Exploring Trends in Educational thiết kế

Join us for an upcoming learning spaces workshop! Work collaboratively to establish rongnhophuyen.comến thiết drivers for your physical learning space. Participate in lively brainstorming & collaborative activities lớn uncover key insights for your project.

Blog 5 Ways to Improve Your School with American Rescue Plan Act Funds

Learn how to lớn maximize the impact of federal dollars on your college campus or in your K-12 school district.

Blog Winter Refresh: Marongnhophuyen.comng the Most of a Student Break

Check out these three easy steps for launching a winter break refresh at your school.

Insights Impact & Results of Ruckus Grant Program

Through our Ruckus Grant Program, we"ve uncovered valuable insights that highlight the most essential needs of the modern classroom. Here are the findings from our most recent grant program.

Blog Are “Free Learning Fridays” the Future of K-12 Education?

At EDspaces 2021, we hosted a workshop lớn explore the future of education. Here are the group’s ideas & insights.

Classroom Planner

The Classroom Planner is an interactive program that allows you to add, remove & move around furniture into limitless configurations and spaces.

Beyond the Classroom Returning khổng lồ School

As schools consider reopening, we can help pave the way with furniture solutions và space planning ideas that support K-12 educational environments now và into the future.


Case Studies

Find inspiration & information in our most recent K-12 case studies. Read the story, view and download images, or cốt truyện with a colleague or client.



The blog features insights on current trends & design perspectives from various thought leaders. View the latest posts regarding K-12 environments.


white Papers

From elevating the education paradigm lớn collaborative learning to lớn leveraging công nghệ in today"s classrooms, these research-based white papers will help you understand signficant trends impacting K-12 environments.


Square Foot Calculator

Use our square foot calculator khổng lồ help space plan fortraditional, hybrid ormakerspace classrooms.Review square footage requirements và average cost per square foot in low, medium andhigh priceranges.

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