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The Olinda Alpha Landfill accepts public và commercial solid waste. The landfill does not accept hazardous waste. For information on Orange County’s four free Household Hazardous Waste Collection Centers, visit our information page here. Business hazardous waste must be handled separately. Visit our business hazardous waste referral page for details.

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Special Waste Accepted at Olinda Alpha Landfill

Non-accepted Waste

Asbestos, batteries, chemicalsMufflers, fuel tanks, brake linings, tự động body shredder waste, fuelsPaints, poisons, pesticides, contaminated soilsBody parts, medical waste, animal parts, radioactive materialFuels, heavy metals, explosives, radioactive materialLiquid waste (with a moisture content of 50 percent or greater)Nuisance dust


Opened in 1960, the Olinda Alpha Landfill is a Class III site featuring 565 total acres, of which 453 acres is permitted for refuse disposal. The landfill has enough projected capacity to lớn serve residents and businesses until 2030. Olinda’s average disposal rate is nearly 7,000 tons per day (TPD), although it permitted up lớn 8,000 TPD.Olinda was one of the first sites in the nation to construct a landfill-to-gas energy plant, powering 3,000 homes at the time. In 2012 a new plant was opened, which currently generates sufficient energy lớn power more than 22,000 homes. The Olinda site features various environmental protection highlights, including the use of goats for vegetation control, native vegetation protection, an on-site falconer khổng lồ deter gulls and valuable groundwater monitoring wells & collection systems.


For more information:

Take a virtual tour of Olinda Alpha LandfillCurrent public documents


Olinda contributes to lớn various off-site habitat restoration efforts. These include Santiago Oaks Regional Park oak tree restoration in the thành phố of Orange and the Puente Hills Landfill Native Habitat Preservation Authority Preserve (coastal sage scrub) in the thành phố of Whittier.

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On-site, Olinda is home to ongoing site improvements and environmental controls including a radioactive waste observation program, erosion & sediment control systems, storm water drainage and collection featuring two desilting basins with two additional planned, và native vegetation protection. For addition project information, see below.